We Deliver a Job Well Done.

Our growth and longevity in the industry is driven by our successful ability to apply solutions that helps our client's businesses perform at optimal levels

Human Resources Expertise

Most organizations benefit when they engage in Human Resource planning at an operational level - even those that do not have a strategic plan. Thinking ahead about organizational needs can mitigate challenges that come with the absence of HR planning. Advance Personnel Group delivers solutions to help implement and support operational practices to achieve day-to-day goals. Whether it's determining how many staff is needed to deliver services over the next year or how performance will be monitored, we help you to plan and answer "Where your organization is going and how will it get there?" Our nearly 20 years of HR experience makes us a viable partner to deliver workforce solutions for your organization.

Customer Service. Delivered.

Making our employee and client needs a primary focus of our existence and development to sustainability, we actively seek information to understand their circumstances, problems, expectations, and needs. In turn, we share information with them to build their understanding of issues with our capabilities. This yields a collaborative relationship which helps to establish rapport and trust. We take action to address their needs by considering how our actions or plans will affect them and by responding quickly to resolve problems. We use our feedback systems to implement effective ways to monitor and evaluate concerns, issues, and satisfaction in our effort to anticipate their needs in the future.

Relevant solutions and workers who add value to your temporary project or long term human resource needs

Our workforce solutions helps to keep you focused on managing your organization without the worry of staffing challenges that arise. We partner with you to proactively anticipate your needs and provide the best talent at the right time.


The main focus of successful recruitment starts with the client relationship. Our responsibility begins with interpreting our client's needs including the organizational culture so we can conduct a targeted search for candidates. Client development is an ongoing effort that we continue beyond the guarantee period associated with a hire.

Matching the right candidate with the right client

When we conduct hiring searches, we focus on three main categories of candidate attributes: Soft Skills, Technical Skills and Candidate qualities. Initiative, stress tolerance, dependability, attention to detail, and concern for others are essential soft skills that helps us to determine a match for the client and employee. Good communication skills, knowledge of the organizations specific software and ability to deal with customers are key technical attributes. Professional appearance, self-starter, and a fast learner with high energy are personality traits that add value to the candidates ability to fit-in when placed.